Pacify is an app designed to help you keep track of your baby's progress by tracking feeding times, diaper changes, sleep schedule and weight fluctuations while analyzing trends and giving parents notifications and alerts.

The Problem

New parents are often overwhelmed by the logistics behind taking care of their newborns. Pediatricians usually ask for details that nobody is keeping track of. After all, who can remember how many times baby was breastfed and how many ounces she drank with 0.02 hours of sleep?
That's why we set out to solve the problem of baby data. It's there waiting for a sensible solution and having experienced the chaos (er... I mean, joy) that is taking care of a brand new baby, we used our personal experience as research.

The Process

Any good designer will tell you that the first step to solving a problem is to do proper research. Well... enter Maya, my daughter.
First we tried paper: too messy. Then we moved off to whiteboards: too tiresome... After a few attempts to nail down the art of gathering baby data we decided that a more sophisticated solution was needed: the app.
Then off to paper again. Sketches, Wireframe after wireframe then finally high fidelity mockups, the totality of the app started to emerge until we were faced with a new problem: after you've gather all that data about your baby's habits, what in the world do you to with it?

The Solution

The app allows you to enter the most relevant baby data (feedings, sleep, diapers and weight) from the dashboard. From there you can go deeper into any of these categories to really make use of the data.
We didn't stop there.
We added a nice predictive feature to the app that interprets that data for you and sends you notifications when it thinks you need to be preparing for the next thing.
For instance, if you've consistently put your child do bed at (or around) 7:15pm every night for a few nights, Pacify averages those times and could let you know at 6:30pm that bed time is near, therefore you should start the process.
The result is an app that gives you easy access to relevant baby data and won't keep you wondering how many dirty diapers you change a day when the doctor ask (and oh... they will ask).