Intertwyne is an email marketing Atlanta-based company. Their whole approach to design however, can be defined somewhat accurately with one word: simple.

The Problem

Intertwyne is an upcoming email marketing platform. When we first started to work on it the market was cluttered by over-complicated solutions. Competitors were strong and some had a good grasp of what the future of email marketing meant, but the simple action of sending an email to a group of people and gather results was convoluted and cumbersome.

The Process

First things first: we need a brand. Ideation, inspiration, research, sketches until your eyes bleed, that this whole thing got started...

We finally decided and then we had to tackle the big problem: how do you take a thousand-step process and turn it into a hundred-step process? Then fifty? The ten? Then... you get the idea...
We spent quite a bit of time iterating on the user interface and user experience of Intertwyne. Daily meetings with the team where we painstakingly discussed the tiniest detail of a dropdown, then back to the drawing board with the Business Analyst, then feedback from the engineers, then finally put some pixels together and test the thing. Repeat ad-nauseum for the best possible result.

The Solution

We turned that thousand-step process in to a simple 4-step one: Build your email, select your recipients, send or schedule and track. Boom!
Of course, nothing is ever that simple, not in the background, not in the thick of it. All the attention to detail paid off though, and the app came together nicely.