Strategic Systems & Technology

At Strategic Systems & Technology Corp. I had the chance to work on a wide variety of projects, from rebrandings to extending the corporate identity, internal documentation and presentations and a wide array of web, UX and UI projects.

The Problem

Strategic Systems and Technology Corporation had an outdated brand and a very difficult to navigate website. The company wanted to up its sales through the site, but finding a product was overwhelming.

The Process

We started by re-structuring the way users navigate and find products on the site, thus redefining navigation and grouping products into categories for more organic browsing.

When that - the hard part - was done and we felt confident that it worked, we started to iterate on the ui. That meant layer after layer of wireframes and mockups:

The Solution

The result was a dashing website that kept the corporate feel of the company but was made approachable through the use of a simple color scheme and typography. Managing the content and reducing it to only four layers of complexity did the trick.
Users immediately became more engaged and sales saw better numbers. We even added a chat feature so customers could ask questions... call it the icing on the cake.