HighGround Asset Tracking is a powerful fixed asset tracking app designed to make it easy to keep track of computers, furniture, equipment, and any other items of value.

The Problem

At the launch of HighGround Systems, an asset tracking application for mobile devices, there was need of a landing page or portal to direct customers to the App Store. The tricky part was that customers were increasingly arriving at the site from a variety of devices, so finding one cohesive experience for everyone was the main challenge.

The Process

The process included sketches, wireframes and mockups. The site was to be responsive, making clever and ample use of different breakpoints.
So we took to think about the different ways the site would be displayed depending on the device being viewed on.
Simultaneously, the app needed an identity. And so the ideation process where we defined what HighGround was and promise we would deliver to customers started.
After several iterations and many hours of going back to the drawing board, the concept started coming together and a direction was appearing.
It needed refinement and refinement it got.

The Solution

HighGround Systems is simple in nature: come to this website and download our app, it'll make your life easier. Arriving at that simple language was fairly complicated though. We needed a brand that would be future proof, simple, elegant and a little provocative.
Through the use of responsive design we brought the experience of browsing the desktop, tablet or mobile site together, no matter what device was being used.